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Earlier this week, we reported on former tennis champ Margaret Court, who apparently was big mad that tennis GOAT Serena Williams wouldn’t share her PS5 gamer tag or something like that.

OK, what Court was actually upset about was that Serena had never voiced her admiration for the Australian 24-time Grand Slam singles winner. Court also seemed to be salty as hell that most people consider Williams to be the best women’s tennis player of all time while most people refer to Court as “Wait, who?”

So, Court—an admitted homophobe and apparent apartheid enthusiastbasically embarrassed herself by trying to tear down Williams when she was really just mad her notoriety sank like the Titanic. (Also, she kinda looks like the old white lady from Titanic.)

And that has to be the case, because the issue couldn’t possibly be that Serena never gave Tennis Karen her flowers—because she did, literally on camera. 

You see, while Court was getting dragged up and down Black Twitter, a video was unearthed that showed Williams explicitly and passionately voicing her admiration for the woman who spent a whole interview denigrating her for no actual reason whatsoever. And it’s not as if Court can deny this, because she happened to be sitting right next to Williams at the time.

“I never dreamt I’d be on a stage next to Margaret Court, so it’s just kind of a little bit surreal,” Williams said. “But it’s just really an honor to be mentioned among an amazing champion like her.”

And to thank Serena for her gracious expression of admiration, Court talked about the true GOAT like she had taken a dump in her fireplace.

Now, to be honest, it wouldn’t have mattered if Williams had never spoken a word about Court, because the 80-year-old is not entitled to Serena’s big-up, and the absence of props wouldn’t have justified Court’s hater-vibe-ridden attack.

But the fact that Serena did show Court love while in her presence and Court still acted like that never happened and chose to meet Williams with unprovoked scorn is very telling. Maybe Court is just racist and resentful. Maybe she’s just bigoted and bitter. Maybe she’s just evil and envious. Maybe she’s just joyless and jealous. Maybe she’s just lying and lamenting.

All we know for certain is she’s more GTFOH than GOAT.


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