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Herschel Walker Campaigns For Senator Of Georgia With Nikki Haley

Republican Senate candidate for Georgia, Herschel Walker, speaks at a campaign event on Sept. 9, 2022, in Gwinnett, Georgia. Megan Varner / Getty

It’s no secret Herschel Walker has a habit of overstating and, in some cases, flat-out lying about his accomplishments. In the latest Walker distortion, a recent report from the New York Times found very little evidence to support Walker’s claim of donating corporate profits to charity.

Specifically, Walker’s corporation previously pledged that 15 percent of all profits would go to various non-profit charities. According to the New York Times, one of the organizations did not provide comment, and the others did not have records or any recollection of a donation from Walker in the past decade.

In one instance, Walker claimed to have donated money to PE4Life Foundation in 2017, but the organization reportedly closed its doors three years earlier. Walker’s campaign told the New York Times the Republican nominee for Senate has donated millions to charity but didn’t comment on the specifics.

On the one hand, someone contributing millions might forget some of the details of those donations, but in a political campaign where everything is scrutinized, such mistakes are inexcusable. Renaissance Man Foods also boasts its minority-owned status, which Walker himself attacked while on the campaign trail.

He also claimed to employ 800 people, but an application for a PPP loan only noted eight employees. The $111,300 PPP loan was earmarked for payroll. For someone who hates government spending and giveaways, he has no problem taking one.

Herschel Walker is like the Trump of Georgia

Like former President Donald Trump and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Walker has tried to present himself as a simple man who isn’t very smart compared to his opponents. But as much as the former football star would like to paint Sen. Raphael Warnock as some college-educated elite, Walker is far from being representative of the average person.

Walker’s latest claim of not being that smart doesn’t jive with his earlier claims of graduating in the top one percent of his class at the University of Georgia. Also, like Trump, Walker has overstated his business holdings.

The Daily Beast previously reported that Walker exaggerated the size and impact of his business in multiple unverifiable claims about having the largest minority-owned food company, apparel company and numerous chicken plants.

Warnock v. Walker may come down to who is more trustworthy

Weekly dispatches from the senator’s office highlight his efforts working with veterans, Black farmers and those impacted by the high cost of health care, among others. Despite his freshman status, Warnock has been a leader within the Senate’s Democratic caucus.

For whatever its worth, Warnock has tried to “reach across the aisle” and find common ground. Given the extreme positions adopted by Walker, it doesn’t seem likely he would be able to do the same if in the Senate.

Fact checks might not matter to the Walker faithful. But Georgia should consider all the relevant information about both candidates before deciding.

Team Warnock swiftly clapped back, with campaign manager Quentin Fulks calling out Walker directly. 

“Herschel Walker couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, and every day he gives Georgians a new reason they can’t depend on him either,” Fulks said. “Georgians have a clear choice between Walker’s never-ending lies and Reverend Warnock’s record of working for all Georgians.”

Are you a Georgia voter? Who do you trust to represent the state in the Senate? Let us know in the comments.


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