"We're not vote shaming; we're vote encouraging," said Amanda Hollowell of When We All Vote.


We cannot let this system win.


There are real benefits to expanding the Democratic majority from 50-50 to 51-49


The presence of armed individuals at voting sites adds to concerns over the prospects of election-related intimidation and violence, which have deepened in recent years.

Automatic reregistration was effective in keeping voters actively participating.


For our democracy to work in America, it must represent and include all of us.

The Black Ballot

Enyia also said that Black communities need candidates willing to “make bold decisions” to impact people’s lives positively and who are committed to fighting for longer-term change.  

Election Resource Center

The 2022 midterm election is here. Now, you must vote. Here's what you should do before heading to the polls.


The push comes as states hold early voting.

It's the same voter suppression, just a new day and a different tactic.


Voters must see how wins could positively impact their lives.  

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The move comes ahead of the south's most competitive election.