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Walker v. Warnock debate

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Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker are set to have one of the more intriguing debates this election season. To prepare you, NewsOne has come up with a shortlist of things you should know before Walker v. Warnock hits a television screen near you.

When and where is the debate?

The debate will take place on Oct. 14 in Savannah, Georgia. 

According to AP, the debate will be hosted by WSAV-TV and will air on the station as well as other local stations across Georgia. Nexstar Media Group, which owns WSAV-TV, has also promised a live audience. 

Warnock has openly pressed Walker to accept a second debate in either Atlanta, or Macon, but as of now, Walker has publicly declined. 

According to Nexstar Media Group’s proposed format, each candidate will be given 60 seconds to answer a primary question, then 30 seconds for follow-up or rebuttal. Candidates should expect follow-up questions from the questioner. The questions will be generated by Georgia voters, Georgia Nexstar, WAGA Fox 5, and Sinclair journalists. Panelists will include Russ Spencer from Fox 5 Atlanta, and Tina Tyus-Shaw from WSAV Savannah.

What are some key debate issues?

Many different issues are weighing on voters’ minds this election season, some of which will most certainly take center stage at the debate on Oct. 14. But let’s focus on a few key issues that could sway voters. According to a Pew Research poll, the economy is the number one issue for voters come November. About three-quarters of registered voters (77%) say the economy is very important to their vote in the 2022 congressional election. Gun policy, violent crime, health care, and voting policies finish off the top five most important issues to voters this cycle. Supreme Court appointments and abortion also ranked high on the list of issues for voters. 

Walker v. Warnock debate

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Walker’s outlandish statements and lies

Republican challenger Herschel Walker has had his share of gaffes during his campaign for senator, leaving some to question if he’s ready for the prime time. 

One of Walker’s not-so-memorable moments was when he was caught on videos trying to convince his constituents why investing in America’s “good air” is useless because China is taking all the “good air.” (For context he was talking about the Green New Deal.)

In the past, he’s also said he had a magical mist that could “clean you of COVID” if you spray it in your doorway and lied about working in law enforcement when, in reality, he was only given an honorary certificate.

Walker’s trust issues

His gaffes haven’t been the only thing leaving voters with questions surrounding Walker. According to the Daily Beast, Walker has a second son whose life he’s been largely absent from since he was born a decade ago. But secret children aren’t his only problem. Folks have also brought attention to his faulty business practices as well as his non-existent educational credentials. It’s true Walker has trust issues, but the question is will it affect him come Election Day?

Warnock has a slight lead in the polls

As of now, Sen. Raphael Warnock has a slight lead over Republican challenger Herschel Walker in the polls. A Marist poll has Warnock edging out Walker 47%-42% with Warnock backed by 94% of Democrats, and Walker with 83% support among the GOP.


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