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Supreme Court Holds Investiture Ceremony For Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

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The Supreme Court’s newest associate justice has crossed the last ceremonial threshold to beginning her tenure. Friday marked Ketanji Onyika Brown Jackson‘s investiture as the newest associate justice to join the Court.

Replacing former Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson rounds out the liberal wing of the otherwise conservative Court, joining Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagen. Jackson was previously sworn in July, but the investiture is a final ceremonial moment.

Photographers also captured a sweet moment with Jackson and her husband outside the Supreme Court after the important moment. Jackson can be seen beaming with what looks to be joy and pride as she continues one the historic path that began with her confirmation.


Source: SAUL LOEB / GettyThe Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments the week of Monday, Oct. 3. According to reports, Jackson has already begun taking part in cases.

She joins the Court at a contentious period, a little over three months after the conservative-leaning Court gutted the right to abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. While Jackson will not change the ideological balance of the Court, there is some hope that her wisdom and experience can inform internal deliberations.

Black women are magic, but nobody is expecting Jackson to flip votes and save the institutions.

Supreme Court Holds Investiture Ceremony For Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

Source: Handout / Getty

But as the first Black woman and first former public defender, Jackson is expected to bring a fresh perspective and different approach to resolving legal issues.

What is the investiture ceremony?

New Supreme Court justices are officially welcomed to the Court with an investiture ceremony. During the ceremony, the new justice will also take a seat in the historic John Marshall bench chair.

As explained by on the Supreme Court’s website:

The Chief Justice generally administers the Constitutional Oath privately to the new Justice in the Justices’ Conference Room, the commission is presented and read aloud in the Courtroom and the Chief Justice administers the Judicial Oath in the Courtroom.

The importance of this moment wasn’t lost on Rep. Lauren Underwood, who tweeted her congratulations.

The court reform group Demand Justice shared a video of law students describing the importance of Jackson’s tenure on the Court.

Jackson’s legal prowess comes at an important time as the Court is preparing to hear arguments in cases involving redistricting and diluting Black voting power in Alabama and affirmative action.


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