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On Wednesday’s emotional episode of Red Table Talk, Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor revealed his chilling 911 call from the day of the 26-year-old’s fatal shooting.

The exclusive clip captured the final moments leading up to Taylor’s death in 2020, as Kentucky police shot into the door of her apartment during a botched raid investigation.

“I don’t know what happened. Somebody kicked in the door and shot my girlfriend,” Walker can be heard shouting on the frantic call, before the operator asks for Taylor’s age. Moments later, Walker bursts into uncontrollable tears when he realizes Taylor has been shot. “Help! Bre, God, No!” he cries before the heartbreaking clip ends.

Kenneth Walker reveals how he found out about Breonna’s death

Unaware that police were conducting a raid, Walker fired back at officers out of self-defense. He was later taken into custody and questioned by police. During the interview, he said he had no clue Taylor died in the shooting until after he was arrested.

“Now I’m knowing what they’re probably accusing me of at this point, so I’m scared,” he told Red Table Talk host’s Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield Norris. “They’re trying to ask me questions about me, and I’m like, ‘Listen, I’ll get to that. Where is Breonna? Is Breonna OK? Is she alive?’”

Walker continued, “Nobody is answering my questions. So I had to find out what happened on the news, sitting in jail. They didn’t say her name, but they said a woman was killed. That’s how I found out.”

Walker was charged with attempted murder of a police officer and assault for shooting back during the botched investigation, but the charges were later dropped in May 2020. Louisville police have not publicly commented on his latest statements.

Jada Pinkett Smith talks about the importance of sharing Breonna Taylor’s story

On the emotional episode, Breonna Taylor’s sister and mother Tamika Palmer also joined to share shocking details about the case and the cover up that followed.  At one point during the show, Tamika revealed that the police never took Taylor to the hospital after she was shot.

During a candid sit down with CNN’s Laura Coates, Jada Pinkett Smith shared why she believed it was so important to keep amplifying Breonna’s story.

“Breonna represents so many women who have died by the hands of police or have been abused in some way,” The Matrix star explained. “We really want, at some point, to have justice for her murder. This is a story that I think is deeply important to keep talking about.”

Pinkett said she hopes that the interview will create more awareness around Breonna’s case and the events that truly transpired that night.

“What I’m hoping lies ahead is more awareness and with that awareness change. I was really shocked. I thought that I really knew what had happened that night, but to hear Kenny’s testimony and to have him there with Tamika and her sister and to hear them all talk about what actually happened. It was so deeply devastating,” she added.

Unfortunately, after the show aired some users on social media criticized Walker for revealing the chilling clip on Red Table Talk.

“Damn I wish he woulda have taken this to a more reputable journalistic venue,” @iam_jordancampbell wrote in response to the clip on Instagram. But a few users were quick to step in and applaud Jada for amplifying Breonna’s story.

“Y’all wanna find any reason to dog jada instead of focusing on the topic at hand. Get over yourselves. She is keeping her story alive,” wrote @tak.nation. While another user chimed in: “IT TOOK OVER 2 years for them to be charged with her murder you think they’ll give a damn abt his story. Thank Jada for giving him the platform!!”

In August, four former Louisville police officers were federally charged with violating Taylor’s civil rights in the botched raid that ultimately led to her death. Kentucky detectives Kelly Goodlett and Joshua Jaynes were charged with falsifying the affidavit used to conduct the reckless raid. In a separate indictment, Brett Hankison was charged with using excessive force while executing the search warrant.