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Every election cycle is important for Black voters, and this cycle is no exception. BlackPAC Executive Director Adrianne Shropshire continues her conversations with Black voters, checking in with J. Dixon and Classic 107.9 in Philadelphia. Shropshire took the opportunity to highlight the decisive role Black voters play each cycle.

“There are any number of reasons why we should care about this election, and the last few years ought to be an indicator of why our community’s participation in elections is so critical,” she said. “We’re decisive. We determine who wins and who loses in elections.”

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According to Shropshire, the outcomes of elections have a direct impact on the lives of Black voters, their families and communities. It’s not just a matter of saving Democracy for the sake of saving it for other people. When Black voters cast a ballot, it is directly benefiting the issues they care about.

Countdown to election day

Election day is just three weeks away, with opportunities for voters to vote early or by mail beginning later this month. Every issue Black voters care about is at stake in the midterm cycle. Voters will choose who will represent them in the state house and in Congress. The next governor will have the opportunity to appoint several key positions in the state, including secretary of the commonwealth, a position that oversees free and fair elections.

“If any of us care about the Supreme Court decisions that have been made recently, around voting rights and gun control and criminal justice reform, then you have to care about who was running our state government,” Shropshire said. “It is our state government that is going to be making the decisions as those decisions get kicked back about how all of that’s going to get implemented.”

Pennsylvania residents can register to vote online for the Nov. 8 election through Oct. 24, 2022. You can also apply for a mail ballot online.  

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