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The second installment of the Real Talk Drives Real Change tour is headed to the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, where NewsOne and Chevrolet teamed up to foster a meaningful conversation about policy and justice reform in the Black community.

CEO of the New Georgia Project, Nse Ufot; artist and activist, Mysonne The General; and lawyer and activist, Lee Merritt, sat down with pop culture expert and political analyst, Mike Muse, to break down the power of one’s platform and raise awareness of the importance of local voting and the impact of the local elections.

The thought-provoking conversation challenged the audience to creatively think about how they can make real change in their community. Each panelist brought a fresh perspective on grassroots organizing, strategic voting, and what it means to be an activist.

Atlanta native Nse Ufot broke down the power of the collective.

“We don’t elect superheroes or messiahs,” Ufot told the audience. “This country, this culture is obsessed with the superhero narrative. The idea that we put the face of a movement on these individuals when what we’re trying to do is build collective power. It’s not about one individual.”

Mysonne The General, who has ghostwritten for several big-name rappers, broke down the importance of creating wealth in non-traditional spaces.

“Seeing people educated about what it’s gonna take, how we’re getting crypto, how we are getting involved in the Metaverse? The technology,” said Mysonne. “We weren’t able to compete because we didn’t have the technology, and we weren’t sitting at the right tables. Now I have friends who are leaders in this space. Now we’re able to empower ourselves financially.“

Morehouse graduate Lee Merritt explained to the audience that if they want real change, they cannot stand by idle and hope for others to do the work.

“It’s on us,” said Merritt. “How do we get people engaged? You have to make it personal, in a way that they can relate to.”

Watch the conversation below.

The Real Talk Drives Real Change tour went next to Cullen Performance Hall in Houston, where panelists discussed financial freedom and how to achieve it.

Together we can drive real change. To learn more about all the topics discussed on each stop of the tour and how you can help, go to Real Talk Drives Real Change by clicking here.


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