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Donald Trump and Kara Young attending screening of the movie

Donald Trump and Kara Young attend a screening of the movie “The Boxer” at the Coronet Theater in New York City on Jan. 8, 1998. | Source: New York Daily News Archive / Getty

Ex-supermodel and ex-girlfriend to the ex-president Kara Young has confirmed that, while they were dating in the ’90s, Donald Trump said a racist thing that, in all honestly, wouldn’t amount to much more than a footnote in the Book of Trump Racism.

As we previously reported, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman wrote a book, which includes a previously publicized passage about Trump meeting his biracial girlfriend’s parents (Young’s mother is Black and her father is white).

“Trump told [Young] that she had gotten her beauty from her mother and her intelligence ‘from her dad, the white side,'” Haberman wrote.

Again, this is diet Trump racism. This is like accusing O.J. Simpson of purposely giving someone a paper cut.

Still, in a recent interview with Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville, Young—who, in 2017, claimed she never heard Trump say anything racist while they were together—said that her rusty-white nationalist ex did indeed make the racist comment about which parent she got her intelligence from. 

From Inside Edition:

Young tells Inside Edition the anecdote is true. “It sounds — when someone says something in jest — are they kidding? I don’t know,” she said.

Young says she corrected Trump after he made the comment. 

“It wasn’t a fight or anything like that, it was just more like — ‘No. Don’t say that, it’s not funny,’” Young said. “He said ‘I was just joking, I was just kidding. No, I don’t think that.’” 

When asked about the public backlash to Trump’s comments stating there were “very fine people on both sides” during the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally, Young said, “You don’t have to ask me how someone is. You can see how they are by what they say and the comments they make.”

It’s been six years since she’s spoken to Donald Trump.

Even Trump’s Charlottesville remarks were generally Trump racism Lite. One can only wonder how Young—who told Norville she last spoke to her ex to “congratulate him for winning president, as one would”—felt about him telling Black and brown congresswoman to go back where they came from, despite them all being born and/or raised in America. Or how about when he referred to Haiti and African nations as “sh*thole countries?” Surely, she was disgusted by his ignorant and racist attacks on critical race theory and Black Lives Matter. 

Hell, we can go back to before Trump’s miserable Game of Thrones season 8 of a presidency, when he was leading the demonstrably racist birther campaign against Barak Obama. Or when he called for the execution of the Central Park Five even after they were exonerated.

The point is, one shouldn’t be surprised that the most anti-intellectual president we’ve seen in modern history doesn’t think Black people are very smart. Whether it was a joke or not, it was Trump racism-mild—yet still a clear indication of Trump’s bigotry.

Not that we needed Young’s confirmation to know Trump is racist. That’s just the cherry on top of a white supremacist sundae.


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