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The “red wave” that everyone predicted didn’t happen. Candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump didn’t fare too well during yesterday’s midterm elections. Mehmet Oz, the famed doctor turned Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee lost in a close race to Democrat John Fetterman. Georgia Senate candidate and former Football star Herschel Walker may be headed to a runoff against incumbent Raphael Warnock (D). Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert‘s race against her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch is too close to call.

With the re-election of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who is reportedly looking at a 2024 Presidential campaign on deck, does this signal the end of “Trump Politics?” Conservative talk show host, Armstrong Williams returns to the Russ Parr Show, hours after the midterm elections to tell us why this may be the end of Trump’s reign atop the red party.







RUSS PARR: The election last night, I think signaled the end of Trump politics. Do you agree with that?

ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: Yeah, it’s the right thing. The Republicans would have done much better. Trump going into Pennsylvania did not help. Dr. Oz. Carrot, like Trump’s endorsed candidate, is the repudiation of Trump. I mean, Trump’s values, the fact that he’s not shown any sign of maturity since he was defeated. It’s just not a good sign that not only does the Republican Party not need him, the country and the world does not need him.

PARR: I was shocked. I was expecting there to be a bloodbath. And I think a lot of y’all did. And, you know, the exit polls, were saying all Americans cared about was the economy and crime. And third place was Roe vs. Wade. Well, Roe versus Wade was second place from my estimation, am I wrong?

WILLIAMS: Well, no, the pocketbook is. Just listen, you cannot ignore what happened in Michigan with Whitmer. And people saw that as abortion, but the main issue was the pocketbook issues, in America. And either the good thing about, you know, God laughs at all of us, you know, everybody has something they can celebrate at last night’s election, I don’t care who you are. You may say grimace a little bit. But you know what we did? Okay, here we did, okay. It’s just the way the world works. At least we’re not as divided as most of the media wants us to believe there’s gonna be. The red wave never happened. What happened was, people, want this country to work for Americans. They want the prices lower than at the gas state. They want to be able to afford their food kitchen and their kids to college. Americans want an American way of life. That’s what it’s about.


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