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Russ Parr Feuds With Armstrong Williams Over Speaker Race Madness

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After multiple votes, Kevin McCarthy is still locked in a fight to become the House Speaker with his own party. In what has become the longest vote in 164 years, members of the GOP are withholding their vote, keeping McCarthy from the 218 needed to hold the coveted position. Patience is wearing thin in both parties while hard-line Trump conservatives, led by Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz are looking to prevent the election of a new speaker until concessions on their part are made. Which leads to the question: will McCarthy become House Speaker?

Conservative Armstrong Williams joins Russ for a new segment “What’s Your Point.” Williams is on the right and Russ is on the left which leads to some interesting conversation.







RUSS: So listen, you gotta explain what the heck is going on. How many times? Do they have to take a vote until they have a speaker of the House because? Nothing is changing. They voted 11 times already and Kevin McCarthy’s not getting in what is the problem?

ARMSTRONG: You know the majority of this around the route changes like to review bills. Instead of saying you don’t know what’s in the legislation until it passes, they want to talk about term limits. And open amendment you know? And it also has committee assignments. They and the border and the border would spend a billion. The dollars protecting borders around the world and our borders and care, which is why President Biden himself announced yesterday his restrictions on the border limiting migrants coming into this country because he understands the writing is on the wall. This is an issue that could defeat the Democrats.

RUSS: OK, but the issue that we have right now is that we don’t have anybody sitting in Congress right now to make any decisions. If there’s an emergency and we need the power of the House of Representatives, we don’t have that right now. Is this not embarrassing for all of you people on the right? 

ARMSTRONG: This is not just about the right, this is about the American people. Many of these issues that Matt Gaetz and others are discussing are legitimate issues. How do you work these issues out, given the fact that MacArthur does have 200 votes and they only have 19 remains to be seen? But still, McCarthy, probably by next Tuesday will be Speaker Of The House and yes, no new members have been sworn in. 


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