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Jayda Cheaves speaks onstage during the ESSENCE Girls United’s (GU) Summit at Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center on November 5, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Jayda Cheaves is tired of the skin bleaching rumors, and the entrepreneur/model took to her Instagram live to set the record straight.

No Bleaching For Cheaves

Jayda Cheaves wants social media to know that the skin bleaching rumors are erroneous. While perched in a white robe, sans makeup, and getting her braids taken out, Cheaves appeared on her Instagram Live to let her followers know that her skin looks lighter due to a chemical peel.

“Like, I’m going to address this one more time. I got a chemical peel. My skin is still very raw. I’m still using all the creams and the stuff to, like, get rid of that first layer of dead skin. My skin is also still peeling. So, it’s going to appear to be a lot lighter because they ripped off that first layer of skin. Moving on, I’m tired of y’all asking. I got my moles removed, and I got a chemical peel,” declared Cheaves. She went on to repeat the last sentence a few times.

Although Cheaves’ explanation is very logical, social media was still not buying it. “Chemical peels don’t be making u look “A lot lighter” but do u sis that’s ur biz not ours,” wrote one user. Another user commented that this body-altering fad will catch up with the younger generation in the future. “These young girls messing with their skin, bodies, and lips will be a sight to see by the time they hit 40. Insecurity doesn’t age well.”

Whatever Miss Cheaves does with her skin is her prerogative. We just hope she doesn’t let the internet get to her.

Celebrity influencer Black Chyna debuted her own line of skin bleaching cream in 2018, offensively titled “Whitenicious x Blac Chyna Collection,” and sparked even more controversy when it was revealed she had never used the product.

Skin bleaching and the controversy surrounding the practice are far from restricted to just Black Americans like Cheaves.

In 2019, Rwanda became the third African country to ban skin bleaching creams.

Statistics show that 77% of women in Nigeria use skin bleaching creams. According to the World Health Organization, the chemicals in skin bleaching creams can cause liver damage, reduced resistance to infections, anxiety, depression and psychosis.

The Rwandan government decided to enforce a ban on the products by removing them from stores. However, there were lingering concerns that some people will buy “unregulated products,” which can put their health at even more risk.


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