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For weeks now I have sat back and watched how many people in the media have used different code words when describing the president and many issues involving African people. I am writing this open letter today to ask you to honest with your thoughts. Many of you are using code words such as: Communist, Socialist, Marxist or other phrases such as “we want our country back”. This is letter is to ask you to say what you really mean…And that is you don’t want a Black man in the White House.

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Many Americans of Caucasian descent listen to and follow Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on an every day basis. These are some of the main perpetrators of this code language involving the President and many African Americans in this country. I issue this challenge to the three stogies and any of their counter parts to a presidential style debate on the issues.

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When I hear the code words that you all are using such as: We want our country back, isn’t this all of our country? If my history is correct my ancestors helped to create this country as we know it today. Even in slavery time we created inventions and a work force that fueled the economic development of this country. So whose country is it anyway? Some of you make the argument that we need to get back to the constitution, what the framers of the constitution had in mind. Again, if my history is correct the framers never had the poor or the blacks in mind when they were framing the constitution. So I ask you again, stop speaking in code and just say what you feel. You cannot take a black man being president of the United States.

Furthermore, I often wonder, are the powers that be in the media trying to stir this hatred in our country for our president? When I look at the television I see no African Americans with a show like either of the three above or any show that is an opinion based show. Surely there is some qualified African American who could combine political facts with opinions.

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Unlike you I will not speak in code. I think you are idiots, I think you are uneducated and I think you are a stain on the face of America. For the hatred that you teach and spew is even a disgrace for your ancestors to look at. Now if any of you have the testicular fortitude to answer my challenge to debate or say what you really mean I eagerly look forward to that day.


One who speaks what he means