On a recent episode of "The View" Goldberg suggested Trump's freedom could be numbered due to an ongoing investigation led by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Sean Hannity used shell companies to purchase hundreds of residential properties with help from HUD.

MSNBC won last week’s primetime ratings race for the very first time and won across the board—on across the board, with total viewers and with viewers between the ages of coveted ages of 25 to 54 years old.

Black Lives Matter, a movement sprouted from the racial mistreatment of police officers towards men and women of color, was targeted by Fox News host Sean Hannity this week when he compared them to the Ku Klux Klan.

In what can only be described as another low moment for conservative media, Sean Hannity has decided to compare two very different realms — the Confederate flag and hip-hop music. During his radio show this week, the FOX host touched on the topic of the Confederate flag. Major retailers have vowed to stop selling the flag […]

No matter what, Twitter has DeRay’s back. On Wednesday, DeRay McKesson and Montel Williams engaged in a brief Twitter spat after the former talk show host critiqued McKesson’s career as an activist who flourished through his strong use of social media. @deray is no MLK. Let’s just get that real clear. — Montel Williams (@Montel_Williams) June […]

On Wednesday, the Washington Post asked Senator John McCain (R-AZ) how would his former running mate, Sarah Palin (pictured), do if she decides to run for president? The man who has long thought himself a maverick gave a very polite and undoubtedly politically safe answer, “She’s very interesting. And I’m sure she’d do great.” SEE […]

Sean Hannity’s expressed hurt feelings over comments Oprah Winfrey made about the George Zimmerman trial and Trayvon Martin. The quote that got Sean’s conservative undies in a bunch: “It’s so easy during this time… Trayvon Martin paralleled Emmett Till, let me just tell ya. In my mind. Same thing. You can get stuck in that […]

If this world were mine, I’d see to it that anyone who felt compelled to politicize a national tragedy mere hours after it happened be muffed with a muzzle and have their fingers duct taped together as they watch their keyboards and keypads doused with a bucket of water. That’s not to say that there […]

Stunned by the trouncing of Mitt Romney in last week’s election by President Barack Obama, Republicans and other right-leaning groups are scrambling for ways to advance conservative ideals in the face of defeat. The lack of connection to active young voters and a haughty sense of entitlement have made opponents of Obama and other liberals […]

It’s time for The Biggest Damn Lie! This week it’s from Fox News host Sean Hannity. With Hannity, so much of what he says is a lie, and so we had lots to work with; but this week he really outdid himself.

Television personality Tavis Smiley and political pundit Sean Hannity exchanged jabs against president Obama Thursday on Hannity’s FOX News television program. During the segment called is “President Obama Losing His Base?,” Hannity all but ignores Smiley’s real purpose of appearing on the show, to promote his new PBS special about the Black male achievement gap, […]