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Jeff Johnson joined the Rickey Smiley Morning Show during the first week of Black History Month and wanted to take the time to help people understand the importance of history not only within America but around the entire world.

“Black people were first and I don’t say that from some kind of ignorant, I want us to be better than everybody else versus just the historical fact,” Jeff says in his opening monologue during his 3 Things To Know segment.

He explains that the original sin was history convincing the world that “Black people didn’t contribute to civilization, and so the Greeks and Romans trying to change history to say they created civilization was really the original sin.”

He details several ancient African empires, their historical contributions, and some sources to look into so you can get a true understanding of Black history “before they tried to tell us who we were.”

Jeff concludes by detailing that it’s within our DNA to continue to build within this moment and beyond.


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