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Auburn University‘s Black Student Union has recently come under fire after Turning Point USA—the conservative group that pretends it’s not a white nationalist group while pushing for conservative politics on high school, college and university campuses (without anti-critical race theory Republicans whining about “ideological indoctrination,” of course)—reported that it got a hold of a  list of 250 anti-white racial slurs from a group chat shared with them by a BSU whistleblower who was “tired of the blatant anti-white racism shown in the left and decided to take a stand.”


Auburn student Jaden Heard told 1819 News that the whistleblower provided the list to him — a Google document titled “Creaker Names.” Creaker is slang for an old white man.

“My favorite is the vanilla villager,” one purported member said in the GroupMe chat, according to screenshots posted on 1819 News.

“Milk Monkies gone always make me laugh,” wrote another, who punctuated the remark with a crying laughing emoji.

Other terms on the list include “unedited Google document,” “Ku Klux Karen,” and “mayosapiens.”

Turning Point USA noted that other slurs included  “snow pigs,” “saltine cracker,” “unseasoned chicken, “colonizer,” “cotton ball,” “neanderthal monkey,” and “failed abortions.” (I’m not sure how that last one refers specifically to white people unless the “failed abortions” were performed at Klanned Parenthood. Oh, come on, that’s funny.)

First of all, if it’s true that a BSU member exposed this list, then that presumably Black person is definitely what the Black collective affectionately refers to as “the feds” and they were giving big Judas and the Black Messiah COINTELPRO energy. Secondly, it’s just kind of hilarious that instead of going straight to the school administrators, this alleged BSU whistleblower took the list to Turning Point USA—the same group that once employed Candace Owens and was founded by Charlie Kirk, who has spent his entire career exploiting white grievances and inflaming racial tension.

This is also the same group that recently organized a racist “Affirmative Action Bake Sale” at Clemson University in South Carolina. In 2022, a Turning Point USA leader at the University of Missouri wrote an Instagram post about the mass shooting at the University of Virginia that read, “if they would have killed 4 more n*ggers we would have had the whole week off.”

The same year, Turning Point recruited two associates of loud and proud white supremacist Nick Fuentes to be featured speakers at the group’s events.

Finally, we’re talking about the same group that tried its best to make a hero out of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, whose only claim to fame is being the only person to take lives during civil unrest over police brutality.

But, nah—it’s perfectly reasonable and not hypocritical at all that this same group is getting bent out of shape because people are making fun of the largest and most powerful racial group in America, a country that was basically founded on white supremacy. Notice that Turning Point is never anywhere to be found when white students across the country are posting and defending racist, slur-ridden videos ridiculing Black people.

Anyway, Auburn University said in a statement to Turning Point that it was aware of the document.

“On Tuesday afternoon, Auburn University was made aware of a GroupMe chat that used discriminatory language that is allegedly being circulated among some students,” AU wrote. “The university is committed to providing a working and academic environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and works to foster a nurturing community founded upon the fundamental dignity and worth of all its members. The university prohibits harassment of its students and employees as outlined in our Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment.”

But days later, the university denied that the group chat came from Auburn’s BSU students and said it actually included “hundreds of people from multiple universities.”

This is America.


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