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Racist attacks have seemingly exceeded hashtags on social media. In fact, news of such attacks seem to be paired with an unfortunate combination of fury and predicability. Interestingly, following unwavering sit-in protests by members of the student body and an epic united front, a majority of the proposed demands to ensure the safety of those targeted by racial slurs have been met.

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud addressed students, staff, and anyone who expressed concern in a statement released on the school’s website. There, he revealed that actions have been taken following these incidents – not to mention, a push for Syverud’s resignation. Chancellor Syverud said that he has signed 16 of the 19 recommendations, and suggested minor revisions for the other three, with hopes of consideration from the student body. “These revisions are required to comply with law or because of the need for Board of Trustees approval,” Syverud explained.


Alas, an arrest has also been made in connection with the string of racist incidents. reports that Kym McGowan, a freshman studying engineering and computer science, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief and making graffiti. Syracuse police additionally said that the graffiti “was intended to be in support of the campus protests” – go figure.

As previously reported, there had been a slew of race-related incidents on Syracuse University’s campus. A white supremacist manifesto was reportedly Airdropped to students’ cell phones at the university’s library on Tuesday, a day after Alpha Chi Rho fraternity was suspended for allegedly yelling the N-word at a Black female student on campus, CBS News reports.

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Reports surfaced claiming that students in the Bird Library received a copy of the racist document, which appeared to be the same manifesto written by the man suspected in the massacres that took place at two mosques in New Zealand back in March.

Safety officials at the university released a statement on Tuesday, revealing that the reports regarding the racist manifesto had not yet been confirmed. However, they are conducting an investigation on the matter. “These reports have yet to be confirmed and there is no specific threat to Syracuse University. The Department of Public Safety is investigating these reports and has notified the Syracuse Police Department, the New York State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” officials said.

Following the circulation of the alleged racist document, Syracuse’s student newspaper, The Daily Orange, reported that a public safety officer advised students “to not walk home alone.”

As previously mentioned, the university took action by suspending a fraternity and halting social activities after members of the organization were accused of hurling a racial slur as a Black female walked by on campus. The university’s president addressed the incident, condemning the students’ actions. “Last night, one of our African American students reported being subjected to a verbal racial epithet from a group of students and visitors to our campus,” Chancellor Kent Syverud said in a statement. “This report of an affront to our student’s – and our whole community’s – safety and well-being is the latest incident of several against Jews, Asians and African Americans.”

The fraternity’s national CEO Scott Carlson has vocalized the organization’s disgust for the members’ actions. “We are disgusted by the language and harassing behavior alleged of a handful of our members and guests of our chapter at Syracuse University,” Carlson told USA Today via email. “The Fraternity is working with the university to investigate and if confirmed will hold any members accountable.”

These incidents appear to be another strike on the tally mark chart in the series of racist episodes on Syracuse’s campus.

Check out the timeline below, which recaps the numerous racist attacks that have taken place on Syracuse’s campus this month.

1. Nov. 7, 2019

The bathrooms on the 4th and 6th floors of Syracuse University’s Day Hall were vandalized with racist slurs and graffiti attacking Black and Asian students.

2. Nov. 13, 2019

Offensive graffiti targeting Asian students was found in the school’s Physics Building.

3. Nov. 14, 2019

A swastika was drawn in the snow on the university’s campus.

4. Nov. 14, 2019

Hours after the swastika was found in the snow, the third floor of Day Hall was vandalized with racist graffiti, also targeting the Asian community.

5. Nov. 15, 2019

A freshman student, who is Chinese, said a racial epithet was yelled twice at him twice as he left Day Hall.

6. Nov. 16, 2019

The university’s Haven Hall was vandalized with additional graffiti attacking Asian students.

7. Nov. 16, 2019

Reports surfaced of swastika graffiti being found in Haven Hall.

8. Nov. 16, 2019

A student hurled racial slurs at Black students at Sadler Hall.

9. Nov. 16, 2019

Members of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity called a Black female student the N-word.

10. Nov. 18, 2019

A white Supremacist manifesto was Airdropped to students’ cell phones at the university’s Bird Library.