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NewsOne is proud to introduce “The Front Page,” a new editorial series and digital news magazine comprised of “issues” that will feature notable individuals like politicians and agents of change around the country making waves in their respective communities.

A mix of historic Black newspapers and classic news magazines like Time or Newsweek, the primary goal of “The Front Page” is to ensure local Black stories get the national platform they deserve. From the dire need for a federal focus on Black women and reproductive justice to a conversation with descendants of history’s forgotten milestones, the NewsOne editorial team will curate content rooted in Black liberation.

We hope “The Front Page” will continue in the great tradition of Black newspapers of the past and show if there are those in positions of power attempting to deny our people human rights, there will be Black journalists, writers and content creators holding their feet to the fire every step of the way.

This series is being officially kicked off by picking up on our theme of highlighting Black people in media as we celebrate Jemele Hill in the inaugural issue of “The Front Page,” including an all-encompassing and revealing deep-dive interview in an effort to uplift the sports journalist-turned-author who recently released her first book, Uphill: A Memoir.

In solidarity,

Bruce C.T. Wright, Editorial Director,


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