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A freshman Republican lawmaker whose name is not George Santos has recently been outed for faking his credentials for more than four decades, and now he has stepped down from a House committee leadership position amid the scandal. (And by “scandal,” I mean “just another Tuesday at the GOP.)

According to the Associated Press, Ohio state Rep. Dave Dobos (R-Columbus) has, throughout his career, claimed to be a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). However, according to MIT administrators, Dobos was a student there for a while, but he never received a diploma, which, of course, is pretty much the defining characteristic of the word “graduate.”

From AP:

Rep. Dave Dobos, a Columbus-area Republican, attended MIT in the 1970s and 1980 and studied economics but did not receive a degree, MIT’s deputy director of media relations, Sarah McDonnell, told, which first reported the discrepancy Tuesday.

House Speaker Jason Stephens has since accepted Dobos’ resignation as vice chair of the Higher Education Committee.

“I have known Dave to be a hardworking member for his constituents. This is disappointing news,” Stephens said in a statement.

Dobos had publicly described himself as an MIT graduate, including on his campaign website, as well as in his online biography for the Ohio House. By Tuesday evening, that biography had been changed to say that he “attended” the school.

Look, I’m just going to point out that Ohio House Republicans should be far more embarrassed than they are to have appointed a non-college graduate to the second-highest position in the—*checks notes*—Higher Education Committee.

But honestly, this isn’t even about whether or not a non-degree holder is qualified to work on a committee for higher education. It’s just qu-white ironic how the party full of legislators who fight affirmative action like it ran over their poodle in high school has produced a lawmaker who has been able to skate through a 40 plus yearlong career because not a single person bothered to check and confirm that a man claiming to be an MIT graduate is, in fact, an MIT graduate.

But since conservatives would gnaw off both their feet before they admit that white privilege is a far more effective cheat code than affirmative action could ever aspire to be, you can bet the GOP will write this situation with Santos…sorry, Dobos, as an isolated incident that, of course, has nothing to do with race.


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