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On Tuesday, former commander-in-election-loss-disbelief Donald Trump was officially arrested after being indicted on criminal charges last week and, well, let’s just say no one is particularly sad about it outside of the ‘Murica MAGA QMoron brigade.

Oh—and Van Jones. For whatever reason, Van Jones cares about how “sad” Trump looked while he was being processed through the “prison system.”

“He looks sad,” Jones said. “He looks sad. He looks like, um, ah, the weight of its hitting him. And you know, just as a human being, I don’t take joy. I don’t like the prison system. I don’t like what it does to people. I don’t like this process. I don’t take any celebration in seeing him looking that way. He looks at it nowit doesn’t mean accountability is not owed.”

“We don’t know what he’s going to be charged with, there’s a lot more bump. But at that moment, that is not a conqueror. That is a granddad having a very bad day,” Jones added.

Of course, it’s not terribly surprising that the guy who perpetually keeps at least one big toe in the sunken place is expressing sympathy for a “granddad” who rarely, if ever, extends a shred of grace to anyone who opposes him in any way, let alone a Black CNN contributor who cried tears of joy when he was voted out of office. To be fair, Jones also repeatedly urged Black people to give Donald Trump his flowers because Trump “did good stuff for the Black community,” even though he really didn’t.

Look, just because Jones moves back and forth from the left to the center to the slight right like the political world was his own personal foosball table doesn’t mean he always needs to be the democratic voice of Kumbaya while assuming the role of bigger man on the high road that literally no one asked him to take on.

Or maybe he does.

Maybe that’s the reason he’s out here tap-dancing at CPAC and appointing himself the white people-friendly spokesman for the Black Delegation while apologizing on behalf of Black Americans for antisemitism we are largely not responsible for.

Still, for someone who got visibly flustered and offended when The View’s Sunny Hostin declared to him that “people in the Black community don’t trust” him because he’s a version of Kunta Kinte who would proudly call himself “Toby” if you tried to clip his pinky toenail let alone take a whole foot (I’m paraphrasing a bit), Jones sure seems eager to hold empathetic space for an orangey-white nationalist who calls Black prosecutors “racist” just for doing their jobs.

Trump started the war against critical race theory, attempted to disenfranchise mostly Black voters through “stop the steal” propaganda, and he has continuously used his massive platform to harass Black election workers, again, just for doing their jobs—but none of that matters because, right now, he’s a “granddad” who is very “sad” about being treated like he isn’t above the law.

Seriously, this is why we don’t trust you, Van.


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