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Chloe Bailey recently opened up on The Drew Barrymore Show about dealing with imposter syndrome and how she combats the issue.

Behind the seductive Instagram pictures and immense talent, Chloe Bailey is an ordinary person dealing with normal self-doubt. The Swarm actress appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show to discuss her new album, imposter syndrome, and being kinder to herself. During the interview, Drew asked the singer how she overcame self-doubt. Bailey admitted that she first has to cry, then she leans on family members, and lastly, she recites an affirmation. “So, I’ll cry it out first. I pray. I call my god mom, and I’ll call Halle and my siblings, and I’ll just cry and cry and they will be like ‘boss up,’” stated the “Have Mercy” crooner.

Combating Imposter Syndrome

Bailey’s self-debut album In Pieces dropped in March. Despite the exciting buzz about the highly anticipated compilation, the artist still grappled with imposter syndrome. “I’m going to be honest. When my album came out last week. I never thought the day would come. So, when it actually happened, I was like…trying to figure out every way in my head to like make sure it wasn’t happening. It was like imposter syndrome. So, I keep reciting to myself ‘I deserve it, I deserve it, I deserve it, I deserve it.’ We have to give ourselves flowers before we expect anybody else to. And that’s what I’m learning. It’s hard, but I’m learning,” revealed Bailey.

Another way Bailey shows up for herself is by turning the cynical comments people type about her on social media into a concert backdrop. The Praise This actress struck a fierce pose in front of the backdrop, subtly letting the haters know that their negativity stops nothing! Go, Chloe!

Bailey previously got candid about similar issues she has dealt with over time.

“Some of the challenges that I’m navigating that no one really sees is that I’m still battling anxiety and I think I have imposter syndrome because no matter what I do, I feel like it’s never good enough,” Bailey told Refinery 21 in 2021. “I’m always trying to beat myself and outdo myself. If I can’t or if there’s like the slightest struggle, I tend to beat myself up.” 


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