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Here we go again. Conservative commentator Candace Owens has been publicly expressing her lack of sympathy for Jordan Neely. Jordan Neely was a homeless man who was killed on a New York City subway train on Monday, May 1. As new details continue to surface about the killing of Jordan Neely, it’s becoming clearer that his death was a result of nothing more than pure callousness and disregard for human life.

In a new low, the conservative podcast host has completely lost her mind, claiming she has “no sympathy” for Neely. And to top it all off, Owens went on to not surprisingly suggest that America needs to bring back insane asylums.

During her latest episode of The Candace Owens Podcast, Owens had the nerve to tell viewers who woke up “feeling like they needed a hug” to get over Neely’s death. She then went on to say she felt no compassion for the poor man.

“Right out of the gate, we need to bring back insane asylums. I feel very strongly that we need to bring back insane asylums,” she began the video. Owens proceeded to caution her audience that if they had any empathy for Neely’s situation, then they should stop watching her podcast immediately as this particular episode was not for them.

As the video went on, it continued to get worse. Owens then raises the question of why we are telling “mentally well people” to “yield” to “mentally ill people.” This kind of harmful rhetoric is damaging to those who struggle with mental health challenges.

Nonetheless, she persisted in her senseless tirade against the deceased individual.

“You tell me. Is this the new George Floyd? Is Jordan Neely the new George Floyd? It seems that way. People are feeling a lot toward what happened to him,” she said.

Owens’ comparison of Neely to George Floyd is equally egregious. It’s insensitive and dismissive of the trauma and pain experienced by Floyd’s loved ones and the larger Black community.

But Owens’ most egregious statement is her desire to bring back insane asylums. This is not only deeply concerning, but it’s also a dangerous proposition. Asylums have a long and well-documented history of abuse and mistreatment of Black patients. We cannot allow a return to such a dark and inhumane past.

“What do you think happens on a subway when a crazy person enters and says they don’t care what happens to them? It’s terrifying. It’s absolutely terrifying. I’ve been in those circumstances when you’re confronted by someone who is a crazy person,” she said.

However, Owens did not stop there and continued to display her ignorance and insensitivity by claiming that homeless people are often “drug-addled maniacs,” rather than victims of systemic issues such as poverty, lack of resources and affordable housing.

“The idea that homeless people are just suffering. And all they want is some food is complete and utter bullshit, okay? In these circumstances, you are dealing with a person that’s nine out of ten times drug-addled maniacs. They didn’t end up in the streets because they just couldn’t pay their rent,” she asserted.

Candace Owens didn’t stop after her podcast; she went on to spew more hate on Twitter. Naturally, her tweets were nothing more than a pathetic attempt to cater to her pitiful audience.

Owens’ lack of humanity and empathy is a heartbreaking reminder of how far we still have to go.


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