It's not the same and there are obvious differences.

"He took a life." Jordan Neely's family and supporters had some choice words and reactions to Daniel Penny pleading not guilty to the subway chokehold killing.

Jordan Williams' arrest stands in contrast with Daniel Penny's treatment.


Subway vigilante Daniel Penny was officially charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Daniel Penny tried again to convince people he's not racist.


Disability status doesn't protect Black men, women, or children from anti-Black violence.

Black Twitter didn’t hold back in response to Daniel Penny claiming he's not racist.


Jordan Neely's funeral is scheduled to take place Friday morning at the Mount Neboh Baptist Church in Harlem, where Rev. Al Sharpton is set to deliver the eulogy and expected to renew calls against vigilante violence. Here's how to watch online.

Online donations for Jordan Neely have lagged while those for his killer, Daniel Penny, have generated millions of dollars. This is America.


Jordan Neely's funeral is set to take place in Harlem nearly three weeks after a vigilante choked him to death on a subway train in New York City. Here are the funeral details.

People giving to an online fundraiser said they're grateful he killed Jordan Neely.