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The family of Brianna Grier, the Black Georgia woman who died after falling out of a moving patrol vehicle, has filed a civil rights lawsuit for $100 million.

The lawsuit, which was filed by family lawyers Ben Crump and Eric Hertz, names Lieutenant Marlin Primus, Deputy Timothy Legette, and Sheriff Tomlyn Primus as defendants and claims “they participated in gross negligence that led to Grier’s wrongful death.”

In July 2022, Brianna Grier, who was the mother of 4-year-old twin daughters, was arrested by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office after she suffered a schizophrenic episode. 

Her mother, Mary Grier called officials for help, but she didn’t know it would be the last time she would see her daughter.

“They wanted the police to help her – take her to the hospital to get help. They had called before asking them for help,” said Crump during the press conference.

Brianna died after she fell out of the sheriff’s cop car while it was in motion.

“There is no excuse, no justification, for why Brianna Grier is dead and why she died in such a horrific manner,” said Crump. “Her daughters continue to ask questions all the time about their mother.”

According to an independent pathology report released by the family, Brianna died due to blunt force trauma to the head, which caused swelling to occur in the brain. She also suffered from a fractured skull. 

The report was released August 8, 2022, by Dr. Alicia Wilson of the University of Michigan, the same medical expert who conducted the autopsy of George Floyd.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also confirmed that Brianna jumped out of the vehicle while moving, but Georgia District T. Wright Barksdale decided not to file any charges against any officers involved. 

“Based off of my legal opinion after speaking with the GBI and after reviewing the case file, there are no criminal acts that were perpetrated by those deputies the night Ms. Grier lost her life,” Barksdale said in an interview with AP.

But the latest lawsuit is proof the family isn’t stopping in their fight for justice in the death of Brianna Grier. 

One of the most emotional moments of the press conference was when Brianna’s mother, Mary Grier began to talk about her granddaughters.

“I don’t lie to them. I tell them the truth: ‘She’s gone home to live with God,'” she said holding back tears as she spoke.

Hopefully, the latest lawsuit can help the Grier family through this devastating time.


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