When asked by a white student protester on how whites could help blacks in the fight for civil rights, Malcolm X once replied….”nothing”. Since then, though the colors of the faces on the front line have changed, Black Americans’ struggles have not. Malcolm X would later come to recant his stance on the position of white Americans, but still some blacks to this day feel a white persons sympathy is just another ploy to exploit African-Americans.

Monte Smith, hip-hop journalist, poet, & civil rights activist, takes shots from all sides for his commitment to the unrelenting civil rights struggle. Denounced by his own and snubbed by many Black revolutionaries, who share many of the same views as Smith, Monte continues to stand in between the divide, a rebel with a cause. NewsOne affiliate AMAS Radio conducted a 4 part intense interview with the ever controversial Monte Smith.


Monte Smith Speaks On ODB

Monte Smith drops some prose for the children on the way out

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