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Is it already the end of the road for Hollywood’s newest black stars?

Mo’Nique and Gabourey Sidibe don’t need my career advice. If they were to ask me for it though, I’d tell them this: enjoy the ride. It won’t last.

The cold hard truth is there isn’t a lot of roles in Hollywood for plus-sized sistas. Mo’Nique and Gabourey are not going to have careers like Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock. There are no romantic comedies with Will Smith gazing in rapture into Gabourney’s eyes. Mo’Nique will not play Lady Macbeth or squeeze into leather and spandex to replace Halle Berry as Storm in another X-Men movie. It’s just not going to happen.

The movie industry is extremely harsh on women. Ask Kathleen Turner. Ask Angela Bassett. Get a little older, don’t apply Botox to chase away the wrinkles and when gravity begins to take its toll, you’re scrambling for jobs on television, slob comedies and Tyler Perry schlock fests. Plus-sized women catch hell when they’re White. It gets no easier when you throw color in the mix.

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Mo’Nique’s Best Supporting Actress made her the fourth Black woman to win the award, joining Hattie McDaniel, Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Hudson. Halle Berry took the little gold man home as Best Actress in Monster’s Ball, a movie widely despised by every Black person I know who have seen it. That isn’t to say there aren’t Black people who love the movie. I just never met any that have.

Jennifer Hudson hasn’t made enough films to be included in determining what type of career she may have. She apparently has dropped 60 pounds to play Winnie Mandela in a bio flick so good for her. It’s just unfortunate actresses have to hire personal trainers and diet like mad in order to pursue their livelihood. There’s the way the world should be and the way the world is and it doesn’t look to be changing around in favor of the fat folks anytime soon.

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