This year, and every year, we’re rooting for everyone Black, including Jeffrey Wright, who's nominated for Best Actor in “American Fiction” for the 2024 Academy Awards.

With the New Year just days away, we look back at 2023 on the film side by selecting our favorite performances in Black Hollywood.

Ellen Holly, the first Black actor to lead a daytime TV show with her role in the soap opera "One Life To Live," has died at 92.

After discovering Kid Cudi almost starred in the hit thriller 'Get Out,' we looked at 15 classic roles that almost went to a different actor.

These young Black and talented stars are making a name for themselves in Hollywood.


There is a timelessness in the career and legacy of Bianca Lawson. At age 42, the effervescent artist has been praised for her ageless appearance. But to center her beauty without recognizing her talent would do the Queen Sugar actress a significant disservice. Lawson began her career in the early ’90s as a teen with […]

Baker will officially be laid to rest on November 30, becoming the fifth woman and first entertainer to be honored with a Panthéon burial.

Good News

Issa Rae will produce an HBO documentary that celebrates Black television pioneers.

From Taraji P. Henson to Regina King, John Singleton opened the doors for them.

Sterling K. Brown returned to Wakanda in his Saturday Night Live debut to show Black Panther fans a scene that were edited from the blockbuster film.


A group of Black activists in Brixton reimagined film posters of mainstream movies by adding Black leads.