After Jacky Oh’s Death, Plastic Surgeon Explains Common Mishaps, The Need To Be Fully Informed

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Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people seeking to enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. With the tragic passing of Ms. Jacky Oh this week, conversations about the dangers of plastic surgery are resurfacing everywhere. While many successful procedures take place every day, it’s important to acknowledge that plastic surgery, like any medical procedure, carries certain risks.

Joining us from his Atlanta office is plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Jones. He explains various plastic surgeries (including mommy makeovers) and the common mishaps that can occur, shedding light on the importance of thorough research and informed decision-making.

Here are some potential risks of cosmetic surgeries:

By understanding these common mishaps, individuals can make informed decisions and take steps to minimize risks when considering plastic surgery.

The surgeon linked to Jacky Oh, Dr. Zachary Okhah — more popularly known as just “Dr. Zach” — identifies himself on social media as a “liposuction and BBL specialist.” Dr. Zach and has also been the subject of multiple negative online reviews purportedly by former patients.

TMZ reported that Jacky Oh died in Florida and cited “a since-deleted social media post claimed she was in Miami to undergo a ‘mommy makeover.’”

Plastic surgery-related deaths

Deaths following plastic surgery have become increasingly common.

In December, a Black woman traveled to the Dominican Republic for an unspecified surgical procedure before dying days later while recovering.

In 2017, another Black woman who underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift died in Florida following the surgical procedure.

Perhaps most famously, Kanye West’s mother Dr. Donda West died in 2007 after complications from liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery. Her death prompted investigations into her operating surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, and her nephew and post-operation caregiver, Dr. Stephan Scroggins.

Adams said he believed Dr. West ingested as many as 20 Vicodin pills, aspirated food content into her lungs and subsequently died. A coroner report listed Dr. West’s cause of death as “pre-existing coronary artery disease” and “multiple post-operative factors following surgery” including constriction from her bandaging and the use of pain medication.

Both Adams and Scroggins were cleared of any wrongdoing.

While it was unclear what type of surgery Jacky Oh reportedly underwent, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure has grown in popularity in recent years.

Last year, superstar rapper Cardi B warned against getting Brazilian Butt Lifts. She admitted to undergoing the procedure in a basement apartment in New York City for $800. She said the person who performed the surgery was not a doctor and ended up going to jail over the death of one of their patients.


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