An anthropologist and a cancer researcher talk about the potential harm inherent in seeking beauty treatments like plastic surgery.

Jacky Oh's death has prompted questions.

A plastic surgeon explains after Jacky Oh died.

Some fans are heartbroken that the proud mother and model will be leaving her three children behind.


Jacky Oh's death spotlights how often Black folks get plastic surgery and their preferred procedures.

Dr. Zachary "Zach" Okhah is a self-proclaimed "BBL specialist" with negative online reviews.


Jacky Oh, the longtime partner of popular YouTube personality, actor and comedian DC Young Fly, has died, according to reports. She was 32 years old.

Dr. Windell Davis-Boutté is playing serious defense.

Latesha Bynum’s brother said the person who performed the procedure didn’t pull a trigger but still committed murder.


Who knew that Tyrese was an expert on women’s beauty?

Vinne Lysander Taylor injected women in hotel rooms, charging anywhere from $800 and $1000 for the initial injections and between $350 and $800 for subsequent injections. Authorities believe Taylor made $1.59 million from the fraudulent injections.