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If social media sentiment is any indication, the court of public opinion on Jonathan Majors is seemingly taking a turn as the movie star recently filed a domestic violence complaint against the woman who accused him of assault.

According to the complaint obtained by Insider, Majors alleged that his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari attacked him and not the other ay around during their dispute in March in New York City, which led to the actor being criminally charged. The complaint also alleged that a “drunk and hysterical” Jabbari scratched, slapped and grabbed at his face, causing pain and bleeding during that same incident.

Insider also reported that two police precincts investigating Majors’ claims each has probable cause to arrest Jabbari, but so far have opted not to pursue the case. The district attorney’s office pushed back against the counterclaims despite evidence supporting Majors’ side of the story, according to Insider.

Majors’ complaint also alleged that he was attacked by Jabbari on multiple occasions prior to the incident in March, including a “verbal dispute in London that became physical,” according to the report. The complaint also alleged that Jabbari stole a Rolex watch and used Majors’ credit cards without his consent.

Majors said in the complaint that he believes Jabbari is “capable” of murdering him and his 10-year-old daughter.

From Insider:

NYPD detectives also asked Majors, who has a 10-year-old daughter from a past marriage, a series of yes/no questions. In the “Prior History” section of the domestic incident report, police checked the “yes” box next to these questions: 

“Is suspect capable of killing you or children?” 

“Is suspect violently and constantly jealous of you?”

And, “Has the physical violence increased in frequency or severity over the past 6 months?”  


Majors has always had his supporters, but immediately after the incident, a contingency of detractors on social media painted him with a broad, guilty brush even before he made his first court appearance.

NewsOne contributor Monique Judge summed it up well when she described the proverbial court of public opinion in the days after Majors was arrested.

“The swiftness with which the actor went from ‘America’s Sweetheart’ to ‘Twitter’s Most Hated’ is astounding,” Judge wrote in early April.

Majors’ lawyer also raised more doubts with the release of text messages that critics promptly said incriminated the actor instead of helping to clear his name.


Months later, it appears new reports — including one alleging that Majors was a victim of racist, overzealous policing — have seemingly started to sway public opinions in his favor.

Majors’ criminal case stems from allegations made by Jabbari on March 25, when the NYPD arrested the actor outside of his Chelsea apartment.

He and Jabbari allegedly got into a dispute as they were inside a cab riding to Manhattan from Brooklyn. Chaudhry claims Jabbari “was attempting to steal” Majors’ phone when the incident occurred. Chaudhry filed legal documents in Manhattan stating that the cab driver witnessed Jabbari assault Majors around 1 a.m., hours before he was arrested.

The cab driver will prove that Majors did not hit or choke the woman “in any way at any time, or even raised his voice,” Chaudhry’s filing says in part.

Also according to the filing, the driver also saw Jabbari “hitting, scratching and attacking” Majors. At one point during the incident, Majors asked the driver to pull over so that he could escape the alleged assault, the filing claims.

The driver is expected to testify at the trial, which is scheduled to begin later this summer.

Movie critics, industry insiders and the gambit of Twitter trolls previously called for him to be removed from all his upcoming projects, including his major role as Kang in the Marvel Universe.

In a glaring example of the rush to judgment against Majors, one filmmaker, in particular, pointed to a cryptic tweet they posted in February that claimed an unnamed actor was “a vicious, cruel, abusive human being” on and off of movie sets. While it was initially unclear to whom filmmaker A.B. Allen was referring in the tweet, another Twitter user posted a screenshot of the tweet in the hours after Majors’ arrest and wrote: “Now we know who this tweet was about.”

The fallout from Majors’ arrest was compounded after he was dropped by his reps at public relations firm The Lede Company as well as his management company, Entertainment 360.

Although Majors hasn’t made a public statement about the incident, the new reports along with his latest court appearance last week have seemingly started to sway opinions in his favor.

Movie critics on YouTube are now predicting that Majors will be vindicated, possibly at his next court appearance, which is scheduled for Aug. 3.

To be sure, there is no telling if public sentiment for Majors has really changed. After all, Black Twitter has definitely been on both sides of the fence with this one. But the optics around the case have most definitely shifted, apparently in Majors’ favor.


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