The video footage of Jonathan Majors purportedly breaking up a high school fight was released one day before his domestic violence trial starts, prompting mocking memes to go viral.

The new trial date is confirmed for Sept. 6, according to Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Press Secretary Doug Cohen.

There's been an apparent shift in perception after Jonathan Majors accused his assault accuser.

A letter Jonathan Majors' lawyer sent to a judge reveals allegations of racism against the arresting NYPD cops for "coaching" the accuser.

Jonathan Majors is currently facing a misdemeanor felony charge and will return to court for trial on Aug. 3.

Dr. Umar Johnson welcomed Jonathan Majors "back to the Afrikan race" after it was reported the actor was dating Meagan Good, saying "he can stop the bunnyhopping."

Jonathan Majors' swift arrest and criminal charges contrast with the slow, cautious approach the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has taken with Jordan Neely's killer, Daniel Penny. The contrast is palpable.


Jonathan Majors' attorneys said they believe that the opinion of a forensic medical expert will help put an end to claims of domestic assault.

More details are emerging about Jonathan Major's assault allegations.

Jonathan Majors faces uncertain future after being arrested for alleged domestic assault and losing projects, management, and brand relationships. His court appearance on May 8 could determine his future trajectory in the entertainment industry.

Jonathan Majors' swift fall from “America’s Sweetheart” to “Twitter’s Most Hated” is astounding, thanks to the court of public opinion.

Jonathan Majors' lawyer Priya Chaudhry, a criminal defense attorney, has had varying degrees of success representing high-profile clients, including one found liable for rape. Take a look at some other cases she's worked.