Jonathan Majors will avoid jail time in his domestic violence case.


Two women have spoken out.


Bernice King spoke out one day after disgraced actor Jonathan Majors invoked her mother's name for the second time surrounding his recent domestic violence trial.


ABC News interviewed the movie star.


These actors could take his place.

Priya Chaudhry hasn't had the greatest legal track record in recent history.

The Manhattan DA's office tends to "weaponize" white women's accusations, Priya Chaudhry said.

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The video footage of Jonathan Majors purportedly breaking up a high school fight was released one day before his domestic violence trial starts, prompting mocking memes to go viral.

The new trial date is confirmed for Sept. 6, according to Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Press Secretary Doug Cohen.

There's been an apparent shift in perception after Jonathan Majors accused his assault accuser.

A letter Jonathan Majors' lawyer sent to a judge reveals allegations of racism against the arresting NYPD cops for "coaching" the accuser.