Master P Rips Google For Luther Vandross Photo Fail, Blames AI: ‘Humans Aren’t Replaceable!’

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Social media had a field day after Google’s viral photo error. The “Make ‘Em Say Ugh” rapper had plenty to say about the search engine mixing up his photo with the late Luther Vandross.

“Google thought it was funny mixing me up…Stop letting AI (artificial intelligence) run your [expletive] company…I don’t look like no [expletive] Luther Vandross. This is why humans aren’t replaceable!” he tells TMZ.

The description under the image of Master P accurately described the late Luther Vandross’ upbringing, career, and accomplishments.

Master P, 53, used the viral moment to promote his new cereal company. The cereal brand, Snoop Cereal—in collaboration with Snoop Dogg—is the first black-owned cereal in over a century.

A few of his other most notable businesses and investments include No Limit Franchise (clothes, records and films), Rap Noodles and MP Realty. His net worth is reported to be $200 million.

NewsOne previously reported on Google’s mishap and how it shined a light on racial equity:

Google’s mixup was ironic, considering the mega search engine touted  itself in the organization’s 2023 Diversity Annual Report as meeting “its Racial Equity Commitment of increasing leadership representation of Black+, Latinx+, and Native American+ Googlers by 30%.”

While 30% sounds (see page 65) like a viable increase in diversity candidates, the actual numbers are not good. In 2014, only 2.4% of Google’s workforce was Black. Fast forward almost 10 years, and its Black employees only make up 5.6%. Google’s white employees decreased from 64.5% in 2014 to 46.2% in 2023. It’s worth noting that Google’s bogus attempt to amplify its diversity efforts has only helped Asians in terms of adding more minority representation. Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans are still at the bottom of the diversity barrel.

Page 70 of the annual report indicates that Google’s leadership diversity has an even longer road ahead regarding being truly diverse. Roughly 70% of Google’s leadership was white in 2014. In 2023, it’s still over 60%. Asians were the only ethnic group to have some significant growth– starting at 24.3% and increasing to over 30% this year. Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans barely make a dent in the leadership, coming in at an abysmal 10%.

In a statement sent to NewsOne, a spokesperson for Google attempted to explain the flub:

“We source images for Knowledge Panels from a range of sources, including licensed image providers. In this case, the image we received was unfortunately mislabeled. The provider has updated the image metadata, and our systems now reflect that update.”


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