GOP pollster Patrick Ruffini promoted fake AI-generated photos of Black Republican voters to influence the 2024 election.

How artificial intelligence impacts the Black community is a focal point at this year's Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference. Rep. Barbara Lee said AI has “No diversity, no Black lens.”

Lest we forget the tech giant just mixed up Luther Vandross and Master P.

AI systems heavily rely on vast datasets to learn patterns and make predictions. Unfortunately, historical data is often plagued with biases and have elements of systemic racism baked within.


Master P has spoken out in no uncertain terms about Google after the search engine confused the rap mogul for Luther Vandross.

Current Events

With the possibility of there not being a perp walk, deepfake photos of Donald Trump getting arrested have continued to go viral after a grand jury recommended he be criminally indicted.


A lawsuit claims artificial intelligence discriminates.

19 Keys sat down with NewsOne for a chat about his life, the importance of Black wealth and why he's fighting to reprogram the culture.

Good News

A Black-led tech startup has received investments from Diddy and LL Cool J.

Artificial intelligence offers new education tools. Are low-income and Black students benefiting?

Microsoft deletes racist and sexist social media messages posted by its AI chatbot. The program learned hate speech from online users.