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Jenesis Dockery

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It’s been more than two weeks since Jenesis Dockery, an 8-year-old Black girl, was shot and killed at her babysitter’s house by an 11-year-old, but her family is still searching for answers. 

According to civil rights attorney Harry Daniels, who was hired by the girl’s family, Jenesis’ father, Fon Dockery, left her and her 5-year-old sister in the care of the girls’ babysitter on July 25. The babysitter was a longtime friend of the Dockerys and had cared for Jenesis and her sister at her home multiple times previously without incident. 

Less than an hour after dropping the girls off, however, Dockery received a phone call from the babysitter that Jenesis had been shot in the head. The Dockerys were later informed that the babysitter’s 11-year-old son was the shooter.

Despite the efforts of doctors at Cape Fear Valley Hospital and UNC-Chapel Hill, Jenesis died two days later. 

The incident is under investigation by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department.

“Why did this 11-year-old child have a gun?” asked Daniels in a press release to NewsOne.

“What kind of responsible adult takes your child into her home, pledges to keep her safe and then lets something like this happen? How many more children have to die until our leaders and the gun manufacturers start taking safety seriously? As a parent, these are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night and, after this, I’d be surprised if any parent could sleep.”

Daniels also said the Dockery family is demanding justice for the death of their daughter.

“The Dockery family is going through hell right now and the least we can do for them and for little Jenesis is get the answers and the justice they deserve.”

Daniels continued, “Fon and Kimberly Dockery have gotten lots of condolences and excuses. But after more than two weeks, they haven’t gotten any answers. That has to change, and if we have anything to say about it, it will.”

A GoFundMe page was started by Mase Mason on behalf of Jenesis’ father, Fon Dockery.

On the page, Mason writes, “The family is enduring hardship and I believe the Fayetteville Community and beyond can rally around them to assist them in these absolutely trying times. Please find it in your hearts to assist them.”

If you would like to help the family and donate click here. 


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