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PUMA Celebrates Hip-Hop 50 With Slick Rick & Flau’Jae  

Source: Courtesy / PUMA

To celebrate Hip Hop turning 50, PUMA showcased the Classic Suede trail left by the breakers, the MCs, the DJs and the genre’s giants. The beloved shoe brand partnered with voices of Hip Hop, pioneer Slick Rick and newcomer and PUMA ambassador Flau’Jae Johnson, to shed light on the iconic role PUMA has had on the culture in a celebratory video. Watch inside.

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Over the last two months, PUMA has commissioned local artists to put their own spin on six-foot stencils of the classic PUMA Suede shoe print or posted larger-than-life vinyl shoe prints at locations throughout North America. Each installation continues to provide space for communities to celebrate the 50th anniversary and PUMA’s contribution to the Fabric of Hip Hop.

“PUMA is the fabric that threads us together,” Slick Rick shares in the special video celebrating Hip Hop.

PUMA’s commemoration of HipHop 50 is being highlighted in cities where the sound of Hip Hop has become the soundtrack of the culture.

Fans can embrace the culture by visiting one of the footprint installations:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston: PUMA Headquarters
  • Chicago: 2014 S Michigan Ave., Chicago IL 60616 (To Come)
  • Detroit: 1533 Winder St., Detroit, MI 48207
  • Los Angeles: 7951 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046 (To Come)
  • New York: PUMA Flagship: 609 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017
  • Toronto: 14 Dundas St W, Toronto ON, M5G 2C2 & 1 Ossington Ave.,Toronto ON, M6J 2Y8
PUMA Celebrates Hip-Hop 50 With Slick Rick & Flau’Jae  

Source: Courtesy / PUMA

PUMA is also celebrating Hip-Hop 50 by bringing out the summer heat with hot new product drops, including product collaborations with Dapper Dan, Slum Village designed by Rick Williams the creator of Distinct Life, and the Mixtape collection with Alexander John and Roc Nation.

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“It’s more than a fabric,” Slick Rick continues in the video. “It’s a symbol of artistry, authenticity and our rebellion.”

To stay up to date with the latest on the Fabric of Hip Hop or to shop one of the latest drops from the HH50 collections or PUMA’s classics please visit or follow PUMA on Instagram.

“PUMA is the fabric of hip hop,” Flau’Jae concludes.

Be sure to check out the celebratory video featuring Johnson and Slick Rick below:


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