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Keandre Green, Black jogger brutally arrested in Duncanville, Texas

Source: Justin A. Moore/Instagram

Police in Duncanville, Texas, are facing backlash for the brutal arrest of Keandre Green, a 21-year-old Black man who sustained severe spinal injuries after he was brutally detained for the nonviolent offense of urinating in an alley.

According to a police report, last Friday at 11:50 a.m., Duncanville Police officers responded to an indecent exposure call in the alley of the 900 block of Wayne Avenue. An anonymous female caller claimed that she saw a Black male in his early 20s exposing his penis.

Officers arrived at the location and found Green, who told them he was jogging in the area and briefly stopped in the alley to relieve himself, CBS News noted. Things took a drastic took when Duncanville police conducted a computer check on Green and discovered that he had an active warrant for family violence.

Allegedly, when police attempted to arrest him, the 21-year-old fled on foot.

After a tight chase, Duncanville officials said they eventually caught up with Green and struggled to detain him. The department claimed that the Texas native resisted and would not comply with officers’ commands.

To gain control and complete the arrest, one of the officers advised Green that “he would be struck in the face” if he did not comply with commands, according to reports. After Green failed to comply, the officer delivered two straight punches to the 21-year-old’s face, a tactic that was used to “end a potentially violent encounter as quickly as possible,” police said. Upon the officer’s second strike, Green released his hand, allowing the official to place him in handcuffs.

After punching the young jogger, police quickly sat him up in recovery mode, officials said. Green began to complain of back pain, which prompted officers to call an ambulance, police said. Green was ultimately taken to nearby Methodist Charlton Medical Center for treatment in Dallas.

In an Instagram post published Sunday, attorney Justine Moore revealed that Green sustained severe spinal injuries from the violent arrest. Moore said the injury “may change his life forever.”

“Legally, officers are bound by the 4th Amendment which prohibits unreasonable seizures. The Supreme Court in *Tennessee v. Garner* has ruled that officers cannot use deadly force on a fleeing suspect unless they have reason to believe the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others,” the legal aid captioned a photo carousel that gave a closer look at Green’s injuries. Green was shown in photos with a cut on his left eye along with multiple cuts and bruises on his left shoulder and knee.

Moore alleged that officers “chained” Green to his hospital bed after he was taken to Methodist Charlton Medical Center. The attorney called the move “an act of further dehumanization.”

“His phone, his private property, was later confiscated without clear cause. Where is the transparency? “We demand immediate release of the body cam footage. Let the truth be seen by all,” Moore added.

During a press conference on Monday, Moore told reporters that Green may be permanently paralyzed from his spinal injury. The attorney said the 21-year-old sustained three fractures in his spine and was kneed in the head during the brutal arrest. Now, the family wants Duncanville police to release the body cam footage of the incident.

An internal affairs investigation is being conducted. Green’s warrant has been reissued and he’s currently facing a new charge for evading arrest, an official said.


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