Texas Police

A viral video purportedly shows a Black police graduate getting profiled by Texas cops.

It looks like the story of Joshua Feast, a 22-year-old Black man who was fatally shot by La Marque, Texas, police officer Jose Santos on Dec. 9, 2020, will end the way far too many stories like his end—with police not being held accountable. 

A young white police officer in suburban Dallas is under investigation after a Black woman accused him of brutalizing her teenage daughter for "simply walking home" in Forney, Texas.

Rodney Reese, who was arrested in Plano, Texas, for walking in a street during a snowstorm, has spoken out after the video of his police encounter was released.

A family has questions after a University of North Texas student was killed.

The Texas police officer who killed Michael Dean last week by shooting him in the head was sued for excessive force when he was accused of burning a teenager alive.

A tragedy once again seems to be mishandled by law enforcement.

Texas police have charged James Scott Lee, 32, with a hate crime Wednesday for the attempted stabbing of an African-American male who he referred to by using a hateful racial slur.

Jordan Edwards' family demands answers.

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Since the dash cam footage release of Sandra Bland’s arrest in Waller County, Texas on Tuesday, many are questioning whether the video was edited due to the appearance of strange loops and inconsistencies throughout, the New York Daily News reports. Bland’s traffic stop by Texas trooper Brian Encinia, who pulled her over on July 10 for failure to signal, began with Encinia demanding the 28-year-old […]