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In the midst of delivering an impassioned speech decrying President Obama’s health care reform, GOP congressional hopeful Corey Poitier veered dangerously off-script.

“Listen up, Buckwheat — this is not how it is done!” Poitier blurted out.

The apparent comparison of the nation’s commander-in-chief to a 1920s Our Gang and The Little Rascals character — a character seen as demeaning and offensive by many African Americans — sent a jolt of notoriety through Poitier’s previously-unknown campaign.

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“The press has run amok with this, and turned me into a racist,” said Poitier, who is himself black. The candidate complains CNN never bothered to interview him before running its own version of the story. “I’ve never seen Buckwheat as a disparaging character. People love Buckwheat.”

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