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We all know that when Black student-athletes complain about the racist taunts they receive from white sports fans, it’s an uphill battle to get white people to believe them. If there’s no crystal-clear video evidence that shows people in the stands hurling bigoted slurs, administrators tend to be of the mind that a lack of physical evidence means it never happened and thus no action needs to be taken. Well, now, we get to see if the response is any different now that Alabama college football fans have been caught on camera taunting Black Texas players with homophobic slurs and telling them repeatedly to “go back to the projects.”

As reported, on Saturday, the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide lost to the University of Texas Longhorns 34-24. Apparently, a few ‘Bama fans didn’t take the L very well. In viral video footage, Black Texas players can be seen dancing together and celebrating their victory while folks off-camera can be heard calling them their homophobic f-word and telling them to “go back to the projects,” because even Black students who attend prestigious institutions of higher learning aren’t immune to the anti-Black stereotyping of loud and proud racists. (This isn’t to say Black people from the projects should feel ashamed. I’m just saying as far as many white people are concerned, Black people from the hood and from the suburbs are all wearing the same uniform, and I’m not talking about a football jersey.)

A parent of one of the Texas athletes also claimed fans had been spitting on the Texas players as well as throwing beer cans and water bottles at them, but that part wasn’t on camera, so good luck getting a wealth of non-melanin-rich folks to believe it.

Anyway, while we wait to see what the reaction of UA administrators and Bryant-Denny Stadium officials will be, here’s a quick question: Is there any chance these Alabama fans are still mad about the anti-Caucasian nonsense smackdown in Montgomery last month?

Don’t get me wrong, bigots never need an excuse to be bigots. But perhaps the proverbial beat down Alabama received on the football field Saturday triggered racists’ memories of the literal beat down white people received on the Riverfront doc after Black people rushed in to protest a Black boat captain being attacked by Caucasian morons who tried to jump him. Maybe Crimson Tide fans weren’t only seeing red after the loss, they were seeing folding chairs.

Alabama is also one of the numerous red states that have been checked by federal judges for drawing racist congressional maps that purposely diluted Black voting power.

So, basically, when white UA fans and officials start making their inevitable claims that the bigotry and anti-Blackness seen in the video aren’t representative of the great state of Alabamawe know they’re lying


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