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We all know there’s a practical reason why Black people record angry and nosy white people who disrupt us while we’re trying our hardest to mind our own business in peace. We do it because when the police get called we want to be able to show what really happened, and we do it to upload videos to social media so internet sleuths can do what they do and, hopefully, cause the Caucasian offender to lose their job or otherwise face consequences.

Then there’s the other reason to record these people: Pure entertainment.

I’m sorry, but some of these Karen videos are just plain amusing.

Take, for example, this video of a white woman who reportedly got herself escorted out of a post office in Kirkwood, Missouri, for making a scene after getting upset about, well—I don’t know—whatever it is Karens tend to get mad about. (Maybe Black people were barbequing without a permit too close to her P.O. box, or whatever.)

The video begins with Postal Patty telling a Black post office employee recording the video to ” get the hell away from me,” despite the fact that the employee appears to be recording her from a distance—that is until the disgruntled Karen who just told the Black woman to stay away starts walking closer with her own phone to, I guess, record the person recording her. (It doesn’t appear that Lost Letter Lydia understands the point of recording these videos.)

“I could do the same thing, lady,” Mail-in Melinda says. “I send it to Trump. Maybe he could do something, and then Obama could sue him.”

First of all, I’m not sure if Stampless Stella has been following the news lately, because if she was she’d know her MAGA cult commander is kiiiiiiiinda busy dealing with his own problems. But also, what does Trump or Obama have to do with any of this? What does she think Trump is going to do for her when he won’t even pardon the Jan. 6 rioters who were essentially following his marching orders? And Barack Obama is somewhere enjoying his post-presidency and not being indicted under multiple federal and state charges including a RICO indictment. Why is he even in this?

Anyway, in case you’re thinking to yourself: Well, this woman is certainly upset and unhinged, but is she racist like the other Karens?

I mean, come on, guys, you know the anti-Blackness is coming.

“Equal my ass,” Klan-mail Karol says while getting into her SUV. “You’re not equal!”

And there it is…

As I’ve said before, if you want to know whether a white person is racist or not, all you have to do is get them upset while being a Black person. Apparently, Return-to-Sender Rachel’s issue isn’t just that she’s being kicked out of the post office, it’s that a Black person was the one to escort her out of the building. If there’s one thing a Karen can’t stand—even more than being unable to successfully assert her non-authority over a Black person—it’s having a Black person assert their actual authority over them. 

“Goddamn fking, step on white people,” she shouted. (I mean, don’t threaten me with a good time.)

P.O. Pricilla got into her car and started to drive off, but then she stopped to continue giving the Black woman a piece of whatever is left of her mind.

“I tell ya, I’ve had it,” she said. “Goddamn, you have ruined my life. I sit here. All I want is my mail. My mail!”

Geeeez, what was in her mail that was so important her unruined life depended on it? Was it a government check? Is she waiting on her application for a PPP (Pale Porcelain Pigment) loan?

“Don’t come in here, ma’am,” the employee says as the white woman starts toward her again. “And please step off of our lot.”

“I hope you lose your job,” Karen responds.

And, again, Karen is Klearly Konfused. First, she took out her phone to record the person recording her because she didn’t understand that it’s the Kooky Karen Kraziness that’s worth recording, not an employee who was simply doing her job. Now, she doesn’t get that simply doing one’s job isn’t a firable offense, as opposed to blatant public displays of racism.

“That’s not nice, but thank you,” the employee replied.

OK, now we’re finally at the most hilarious part of the whole exchange.

“Where do you get your hair done? I haven’t had it done in five years!” the Karen in the disheveled Karen haircut shouts.

See, now, I wasn’t even going to make any jokes about white people’s hair but Licey Linda aka Rat’s Nest Rebecca aka Unwashed Ursula aka Shampoo-less Sarah aka Split-end Sally aka Dirt-Follicle Dianne just had to provoke me.

So, the bizarre Karen-counter ends with the white woman finally driving away while weirdly chanting, “Hey boy, hey boy boy, hey boy,” like she was trying to summon the spirit of Jim Crow or something.

Was this woman weird and racist? Yes. Did I still enjoy watching every second of this video? Oh, hell yeah.


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