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Stories from the Stage: The Podcast Breast Cancer Survivors

Source: Courtesy / WORLD

October brings about fall weather, scary movies and lots of pumpkin spice. It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s that time for women to check their boobs. With growing statistics, Stories from the Stage: The Podcast kicks off its new season with powerful stories of breast cancer survivors. Read more and check it out inside.

Black women have a 42 percent higher death rate from breast cancer than White women. Young Black women are twice as likely to die of breast cancer than young White women. Black women are afflicted by more aggressive cancers. Black women are more likely to die of breast cancer than any other cancer.

These statistics are terrifying but with more awareness, Black women can take the necessary preventative measures to avoid the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Three Black women, all breast cancer survivors and advocates in breast cancer awareness and treatment, are speaking out to help the cause. The trio is center stage as WORLD (formerly WORLD Channel) premieres season 4 of its national storytelling podcast.

Stories from the Stage: The Podcast Breast Cancer Survivors

Source: Courtesy / WORLD

Stories from the Stage: The Podcast, a companion to the broadcast series Stories from the Stage, has just dropped an episode about women who have demonstrated the will to live while advocating for themselves and others. Their goal: to save lives — and breasts! The trio includes a NYC comedy producer, an Atlanta young adult cancer influencer and a St. Louis-area resident, who is a 25-year Air Force veteran and subject of a feature film releasing on BET+ later this month. Their determined (and sometimes hilarious) stories provide a supercharged kickoff for the season.

Stories from the Stage: The Podcast premiered its fourth season on October 2. The season premiere of the series features these three storytellers performing in front of a  live audience. The podcast is hosted by Stories from the Stage co-creators Patricia Alvarado Núñez and Liz Cheng.

Stories from the Stage: The Podcast Breast Cancer Survivors

Source: Courtesy / WORLD

The first episode is Rebuilding after Cancer. After being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer,  Johnson is determined to continue her mother’s legacy while forging her own; New York City resident and comedy producer Suzette Simon uses her comedic talents to highlight how Black women are disproportionately affected by cancer; Atlanta resident, blogger and influencer Megsie Chase becomes an advocate after finding out that breast cancer will alter her dream of motherhood. Johnson, a 25-year United States Air Force veteran, author and subject of a film coming out on BET+ on October 19 (God’s Grace: The Sheila Johnson Story). Their stories were a part of a WORLD partnership with Count Me In, a nonprofit initiative committed to advancing patient-partnered cancer research.

Be sure to catch the series available on worldchannel.orgApple PodcastsSpotify or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Select stories from Stories from the Stage broadcast Fridays on The World, a globally-focused radio program from PRX and GBH.


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