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I hate when people hide behind kids. There’s nothing more cowardly. It’s like that scene in New Jack City when Wesley Snipes uses the little girl as a shield to protect him from the people that are shooting at him or that scene in Bullet when Tupac does something similar.

Now, anybody that’s been an Eyrkah Badu super fan for as long as I have has almost always known that she’s a bit of a Hottentot. We also know that she’s a complete nut. However she’s probably also the most talented working musician of either gender under 40.

The album Mama Gun is simply one of the five best albums ever recorded. Her voice is odd, her music is ethereal and her looks waver unevenly somewhere between top fashion model and bag lady.

When Ms. Badu stripped down to film a music video for the song Window Seat, she wasn’t breaking new ground. Alanis Morissette already famously got naked for a video and I’ve seen European music videos that feature gratuitous nudity.

The reason Ms. Badu is now being charged with disorderly conduct by the Dallas Police Department is not because she got naked at the site where JFK was assassinated or because she filmed a video without a permit, but possibly because she’s Black, maybe because she’s a Hottentot and certainly because she’s a woman and women are never supposed to take control of their own bodies.

Notice that even abortion is legislated by men.

It’s perfectly fine for women to get naked, as long as it’s orchestrated, controlled, and demanded by men.

Take the movies for example: a male dominated industry that cares nothing about giving women body issues by stripping naked only women with bodies perfected by either birth or medical engineering.

Men naked on screen however is a no-no.

No flabby, poorly endowed movie exec wants to see his dangling naked antithesis.

But I’m getting way off the subject. Lets get back to Ms. Badu and the kids.

Anybody that has children knows that they’re not at all ashamed of nudity. In fact, bodily shame in children is a learned response.

I think it sucks that the Dallas Police Department has fined Ms. Badu $500 and charged her with disorderly conduct.

I’ve got a better idea for those slobs: do some push-ups!