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A California police officer resigned over the weekend after 10 pages of racist text messages were found during an internal investigation by the San Jose Police Department. 

According to San Jose Police, Mark McNamara resigned this week after the San Jose Police Department’s Internal Affairs Investigators discovered McNamara had sent racist text messages to colleges and lawyers.  

“There is zero tolerance for even a single expression of racial bias at the San José Police Department, SJPD said in a statement. “The messages were found due to the expansion of our Internal Affairs Unit’s efforts to thoroughly investigate all questionable conduct and is why we have made investments in a new early warning system.”

After the investigation, police released 10 pages of text messages from McNamara, some of which refer to the March 2022 shooting of K’aun Green, a young Black man who played college football in California. According to reports, Green was shot by McNamara while he was trying to help break up a fight near San Jose State University. Witnesses say Green had wrestled the gun away from the attacker when he was shot by McNamara.

In the texts found by police, McNamara allegedly said about the Green shooting: “N—-r wanted to carry a gun in the Wild West. Not on my watch.”

In another text found in the investigation, McNamara allegedly said of Green’s legal team that they “should all be bowing to me and bringing me gifts since I saved a fellow n—r by making him rich as f—k.”

Angel Alexander, Green’s attorney, said his client was “shocked and pissed” when he found out about the text messages. 

“The one honestly that sticks out the most in my head was this text that said, ‘I hate black people,’ plain and simple,” Alexander told KTVU. “To see it in black and white on a piece of paper, there is no guessing or speculation. And, you know, the more you read, the worse it gets.”

San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata condemned the messages stating they “demonstrated racial bias.”

“I don’t stand for this. It’s disgusting and horrible that we have an officer that thinks that way,” Mata said. “If any employee’s racial bias rears its ugly head, rest assured that I will take immediate action to ensure they are not part of this organization. I am extremely proud of the 99.9% of officers whose achievements and dedication to this community are unmatched, and I will not let the actions of a few officers cloud the extraordinary work being done in our city every day.”

Mayor Matt Mahan also condemned the officer’s text messages and stood behind Chief Mata’s words. 

“I stand with Chief Mata and all the officers of the San Jose Police Department who serve our community. There is no room for racial bias in our city,” said Mahan. “There is nothing more sickening than a person in power abusing their position. I will sleep better tonight knowing that this individual is no longer carrying a badge and gun.”


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