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White people are terrified of becoming the minority. One writer shared an age-old theory with French origins known as the “Great Replacement Theory” (GRT), and how it’s been adopted by many here in the U.S. Read more about why White people are anxious about a new America.

First, the Census projects that White folks will become a minority in America by 2045, so statistics prove that White people are, in fact, being replaced. With more interracial dating, marriages and cocreation, their bloodline is on the verge of being nonexistent. As the White population shrinks by percentage and number, the GRT becomes even more realistic for the American people.

In the article published by Level, some White people are being bombarded with messages saying they are victims of reverse discrimination. Brown people are streaming across the U.S. Southern border and being handed voter registration cards, and affirmative action is depriving White and Asian students of opportunity. However, statistics show White women have historically been more favorable of these opportunities.

The issue White people face today is that their privilege is dwindling. You can’t simply exist as a White person and survive in America. White people’s reality used to be that if you came from a well-off family and got an education, you had a reasonable expectation of success. You could surely inherit the family business or depend on nepotism and relationships to advance your career. Their only competition came from their peers as minorities were (read: are) systemically provided fewer opportunities, to which they now have more access.

The article also cites certain moments throughout American history that made White people shiver with the fear of losing their beloved privilege in this country.

When former President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, White folks believed it to be the beginning of post-racial America. This terror caused America to elect his polar opposite, former President Donald Trump, with the rallying cry of Make America Great Again.

Another time White people’s nerves were put through the ringer was when President Joe Biden appointed a Black woman to the Supreme Court. Ketanji Brown Jackson was criticized as an “affirmative action pick” despite her many accolades, including a Harvard law degree, clerkship for Justice Stephen Breyer, and years as a federal judge.

And of course, the current Vice President of the U.S., Kamala Harris, is a major threat to their community. With Biden’s age, citizens are reminded that Harris is a “heartbeat away from the presidency.”

These are just a few examples of how the idea of GRT has White people’s anxiety through the roof. How will America look in the next decade? Is there room for old ideology in a new world, where generations are more focused on a more harmonious life amongst all cultures and groups?


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