Scott Adams has a problem reading the room.

A viral video shows a Pflugerville teacher tell students near Austin that white people are the "superior" race. The teacher was not fired.

Kelisa Wing's past social media activity has particularly angered conservatives.

Nearly a third of white Americans say they have seen “a lot more” discrimination against white people in recent years, a poll found.

NYPD is investigating it as a hate crime.

Conservatives at Fox News are mad that the tour of Thomas Jefferson's famous Monticello mansion focuses on his history as a slave owner.

Fewer white people call Washington, D.C home in a demographic shift that happened during the pandemic and restores the "Chocolate City" nickname.

Now-former Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Larry Scirotto was fired after department employees complained he committed equal opportunity violations after saying a wall of police chief photos was "'too white’ and ‘I’m gonna change that.’"

The Senate Education Committee in Florida advanced a bill pushed by Gov. Ron DeSantis that bans teachings that make white people "feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race.”

After members of a group that invited Nikole Hannah-Jones to give an MLK Day speech said the "1619 Project" author was dishonoring Dr. King, she gave an address using Martin Luther King Jr.'s own words aimed at conservatives who whitewash MLK's legacy.

A site called The School of the West, run by a former Arizona teacher who goes by Brant Danger, recently launched an anti-critical race theory online “educational resource for homeschooling parents” called "White Wellbeing."

Patricia Cornwall, the Karen shown on a viral video attacking another passenger on a Delta flight, compared herself to Rosa Parks after being told to take a seat, according to a federal complaint.