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Montgomery Mayor Reed And City's Police Chief Albert Hold News Conference On Saturday's Brawl On Pier

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The trial for the Black riverboat co-captain who was attacked during the Montgomery riverboat brawl has been scheduled. 

According to AP, the co-captain, Dameion Pickett, pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge filed by one of the white boaters who attacked him. 

In November, Pickett was charged after Zachary Shipman claimed Pickett struck him, not the other way around.

His trial has been scheduled for January. 

From WSFA 12 News:

Pickett, shown below in the black hat, previously said other defendants, including Zachary Shipman, attacked him, with Shipman hitting and kicking him. Shipman alleges in a new complaint that he was not trying to fight Pickett, but was defending himself and suffered a bruised cheekbone after Pickett allegedly punched him in the face.

In August, the Montgomery riverboat brawl sparked nationwide outrage after Pickett, the Harriott II riverboat’s co-captain was jumped by a group of white people just before Black people rushed in to help.

Video shared by several witnesses online captured the Black dock worker attempting to untie the pontoon boat after he asked the white group to move their boat from the area.

A white man then rushed up to the Black worker and began yelling furiously. After some bickering back and forth, the white suspect hurled a punch at the Black dock worker. The two men traded a few punches before a group of white men came rushing in and tackled the Black Dock employee to the ground. While on the ground, the angry mob kicked and punched the Black worker until a group of bystanders rushed in to defend the dock employee.

The melee quickly spiraled out of control. Several people were thrown into the river. One white woman was slammed in the head with a folding chair during the chaotic brawl.

As previously reported, two out of the five (and now six) individuals charged with crimes related to the brawl pleaded guilty and have received their sentences. The other three, including Shipman, pleaded not guilty and had their cases continued.

According to CNN, 48-year-old Richard Roberts pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for his part in the viral fight that occurred in August, and he was sentenced to 32 days in lockup. Also sentenced was 21-year-old Mary Todd. Todd pleaded guilty to harassment as part of a plea agreement and was sentenced to anger management classes, which she has 90 days to complete.

Montgomery police Chief Darryl J. Albert said their investigation found that Pickett was a victim in the case.


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