The trial for the Black riverboat co-captain who was attacked during the Montgomery riverboat brawl has been scheduled. 

Dameion Pickett was charged with third-degree assault after he was attacked by Zachary Shipman, one of the defendants in the infamous "Montgomery Riverboat Brawl" viral incident.

One had the privilege of serving time on weekends only.


Folding chairs became unintentional symbols of resistance after the Montgomery brawl.

Montgomery police have charged three men, Richard Roberts, Allen Todd, 23, and Zachery “Chase” Shipman for the brawl in Alabama.

Many Black people have responded to the brawl at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park by saying, "We are not our ancestors!"

As Black people, we have to defend our humanity on a daily basis in America. Whiteness is a privilege that is wielded over us...


The Montgomery incident was not just a mere scuffle; it was a manifestation of a deeply rooted struggle for justice.