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Not one to be left out of the comedy-fray, Stephen Colbert weighs in with his ideas about what other voiceovers could have been on Tiger’s now-infamous Nike ad.


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Tiger’s Nike Commercial
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JUST CURIOUS: Is Tiger’s New Nike Ad Exploiting Him?

Could this new Tiger Woods Nike spot be making his misfortune even more of a spectacle than it already is? Isn’t it a little weird that it makes mention of Woods’ two biggest sore spots: his dead father and his very public fall from grace? Hmm..


I know for the most part, Black people didn’t care about Tiger before the scandal broke and care even less about him now. But how appropriate is Nike’s approach here: to take one of the most tragically pathetic scandals and turn it into profit… FOR TIGER?!

Then again, can’t hate the player… literally.

There was even this other ad on New York’s West Side Highway that I found to be pretty damn hilarious. Both the Nike ad and the Le Tigre are so cleverly executed that I just can’t hate on it. This is truly spinning straw into gold and I gotta hand it to Tiger…

He’s on a serious comeback tour. All I’m gonna say is: TIGER, TIGER WOODS YA’LL!!

What are your thoughts on the slightly bizarre Nike spot?