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In light of Tiger Woods’ bizarre Nike ad, we’ve decided to compile a list of athlete commercials that actually made sense, that actually compelled you to purchase the product for sale, and didn’t make mention of sad goings-on in said athlete’s current life.

Show Tiger how it’s done gang!:

JOE GREEN FOR COCA COLA: Sure, it does hint at his “Mean Joe Green” rep, but the genius is that the COKE MADE HIM SMILE! That’s some powerful pop.

MICHAEL JORDAN & LARRY BIRD FOR McDONALD’S: This is a bet I’d never make. Nothing, and I MEAN NOTHING, can come between me and my Big Mac. Fail, MJ. EPIC FAIL.

ALLEN IVERSON & JADAKISS FOR REEBOK: The last two were vintage but this is ’03. Still fresh, I’d say, no? And it did black & white RIGHT. Ya heard, Tiger?

BO JACKSON FOR NIKE: Here’s a Nike ad starring an infamous athlete but it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Guess Nike changed up their game plan.

LARRY BIRD & MAGIC JOHNSON FOR CONVERSE: Choose your weapon of choice. How hardcore. But honestly, this is a good ad. It’s retrospectively funny though, considering the KIND of people who wear Converses these days. HA!


BILL COSBY FOR JELL-O: I had to include this. I know Bill’s not an athlete but this is just too cute.