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Recently the head of Fox, Rupert Murdoch was asked if Fox News should be supporting the Tea Party. He replied:

No, I don’t think we should be supporting the tea party or any other party. I’d like to investigate what you’re saying before I have any…

Well someone at Fox News must’ve been listening because they have an article entitled “Tea Party Rallies Remain a Cauldron for Conspiracy Theories

In the article, reporter, Cristina Corbin writes:

The Tea Party Express has toured state after state trying to kick up a debate about constitutional rights and cast doubt on the legality of the recently passed health care overhaul, all with an eye toward the 2010 elections. But while organizers have held the tour as a way to stay front-and-center as a political force, the rallies have also attracted the kinds of mistruths, exaggerations and conspiracy theories that make Tea Party leaders cringe.


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